What, When, And How

What : In an effort to eat healthier and not grow out of yet another pair of jeans, I’m getting focused on one of my fav cook books ever. Foods Your Crave by Ellie Krieger. Everything I’ve tried from the book has been incredible, and I need some structure here to avoid wandering off and not trying some of the foods that are unfamiliar to me. All the ingredients seem to be easy to find and simple, and the recipes are never overly complicated. Y’all wanna do it with me? Grab a book and get to it!

When : Thursdays will be our days to post, you can do the recipe any time in the previous week before of course. While a lot of the things I do tend to be on the slacker side, this one will be my one and only thing I’ll prolly ever do where I’ll be enforcing rules, so if you wanna cook with me make sure you’re getting these done at least every other week (unless of course there’s a problem and you need to email me about needing a break).

How : Each week we’ll be picking a new recipe, with the standard rotation as people join in if they wanna.

Any questions? Send me an email at lemontartlet(at)yahoo.com to ask or join in!


4 responses to “What, When, And How

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  2. You know I am in!

  3. I just sent you an email to join. I love that it’s a health-ier blog event!! I just got the book today and plan on making the tacos tonight.

  4. Man, you are going to be the death of my budget! =P

    I picked the book up today in the store, browsed it, admired some stuff, but had to leave it there. It would be one more thing I would have to pack, to move, to search for in the unpacking, and one more dent into my already messed up budget (that will be back to “normal” after we move in December.)
    I’m sure there will be lots of recipes left by then, so I will likely join you then.

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