Anybody Want Craving Ellie In My Belly?

Y’all, this was a lot of fun to start but I’ve realized these sorts of events ain’t for me. They’re productive and usefull, but I’m stubborn and rebellious and start feeling like I’m doing homework. All of the projects I’d rather be doing end up undone, and I make the dishes but then don’t even post them because I feel obligated. It’s sad and lame, but true.

The question is, do any of y’all want to take over the CEiMB? You’re welcome to it, I think it’s a good idea and she has a great book! If anybody is interested, please let me know.


8 responses to “Anybody Want Craving Ellie In My Belly?

  1. aawww I am so sad, bummed, disappointed. I love CEiMB but I know hosting is alot of work and I am not sure I’d be up for it. I hope someone steps up b/c I’d hate to see this group end… 😦

  2. I’ve really grown to love this book. I would be willing to help with admin stuff but I really can’t take it all on by myself, I just don’t have the schedule for it either.
    I’m with CB, I don’t want this group to end…

  3. Hey, you can’t pack it in! I just bought this book!
    Hope you find someone to take over the caretaking. 🙂

  4. I will be more than happy to help someone, but with starting a new job next week, I don’t think I can dedicate enough time to fully running the show. But I’d love to be an assistant!

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I sometimes start to feel the homework thing too- but how can we make this feel like it’s more fun? Can we all pitch in and take turns hosting or go less often so it’s not so much work? It’s nice to have a healthier group challenge amongst the cream filled fat laden goodies. 🙂 I’m willing to pitch in and help too!

  6. So sorry Leigh, but I can imagine it being a chore… I’d be happy to take over, but I think Natalie was also thinking about that. So Natalie, if you decide to go for it: I’ll be happy to help. If not, I’ll volunteer to take CEiMB over.

  7. I know I can’t completely take over but if someone else does, I’d be happy to pitch in and help out if they need me.

  8. By the way, next week (13/11) is my pick and I picked the Portobello Lasagna Rollups with Easy Tomato Sauce! (page 152-153).

    Natalie: I just now emailed you to confirm my pick!

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